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Singing competition regulations:

The aim:

  1. Increasing English language competence;
  2. Popularising songs sung in English by selected singers from Italy, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania and Turkey;
  3. Showing the cultural diversity by presenting the artists from the partners’ countries.


The competition is addressed to all volunteers from the Erasmus+ partners’ schools in Italy, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania and Turkey.

Organization of the competition:

  1. The competition will be held online.
  2. Each school will present three songs performed by their students and their original versions by 11th June.
  3. Each school will send the names of the paticipants and the links to their songs recorded on YouTube platform ( the recording may be nonpublic).

The Jury:

  1. The Jury will consist of musicians and English teachers from the school of the organizers.
  2. The Jury will assess the presented songs as far as the language correctness, interpretation, musical and artistic qualities( costumes, stage makeup ) are concerned.
  3. The Jury will present the winners by 25th June 2021.
  4. All participants will get diplomas and the best songs will be presented on the website and Facebook of the organizers and then all the partners as well as on eTwinning platform.

Let’s sing together !!!

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